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Failing to present a BTP card: the sanctions are doubled

The BTP card is a professional ID card. Employers are subject to the obligation to declare their employees performing jobs in construction or public works by providing them with a BTP card. In the event they fail to fulfil this obligation, employers will be imposed administrative fines of which the amount was doubled recently.

In fact, following an order dated from 21st August 2019 (in French), the maximum amounts of this fine were doubled and rise from €2,000 to €4,000 per employee. In the event of a repeat offence, the regulation had set up a fine of €4,000 within the span of a year from the first infraction. This amount rises to €8,000 within the span of 2 years from the first infraction.

In the setting of the posting of employees working in the construction and public works sectors, our service of management of secondment 100% online, So Posting Worker, enables you to purchase the BTP cards for your employees directly online. Our services will manage the obtention procedures with the administration and get the BTP cards for you. 

Stay in compliance with the regulations and avoid the risks of administrative fines and sanctions caused by the non-compliance with the obligation to obtain a BTP card.

For further information, contact our experts in the posting of workers. 

Source : La Lettre Mensuelle des Affaires – September 2019 – (pdf – in French)

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