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brexit-posting-of-foreign-workers-in-francePosting Worker

Brexit : Posting of foreign workers in France

The secondment of foreign workers is when an employer send his worker (s) to another EU Member State to work on a temporary basis.

According to the European provisions, the worker moving to the European Union is subject to a single social security legislation, and in general to that in the State where the mission will be carried out.

posting-of-foreign-workers-to-spainPosting Worker

Posting of foreign workers to Spain

A posted worker is a worker sent by his / her employer to another EU Member State to work there temporarily. Posting of workers to Spain meets strict rules.

are-you-posting-workers-in-france-you-have-many-mandatoriesPosting Worker

Are you posting workers in France? You have many mandatories !

A company non-established in France that sends employees to the territory in order to perform a practical service a secondment of employee.

It should be noted that the posting of workers is highly regulated today, and therefore very controlled.


Post your workers abroad in the construction sector

Many companies in the construction sector need to send their employees to work abroad for a fixed period of time, and therefore need to post their workers. This practice is regulated by strict rules.

avenir-professionnel-law-new-measures-relating-to-secondment-of-workers-and-illegal-laborPosting Worker

« Avenir Professionnel » law: new measures relating to secondment of workers and illegal labor

A new law was passed on September 5, 2018 including a section on the posting of employees and illegal work in France. This law eases the obligations of employers but strengthens the sanctions against posting fraud.

the-importance-of-having-a-legal-representative-for-the-posting-of-your-employeesPosting Worker

The importance of having a legal representative for the posting of your employees

French law requires foreign companies posting one or more employee (s) in France to appoint a French legal representative. (Article L1262-2-1 of the Labor Code).


Secondment in the construction sector in France, do you know all your obligations?

The Identification Card for Construction Workers (or BTP Card) is one of the main obligations of workers in the construction sector in France since March 22th, 2017.

are-you-posting-employees-in-francePosting Worker

Are you posting employees in France?

Do you work in the building, construction, real estate, commercial or other sectors and post workers in France?

Many obligations are incumbent on you and controls are more and more common for employers posting employees in France.


Firstly, you will have to pay a preliminary declaration of secondment, by informing the conditions of the detachment of your employee (company of reception, remuneration and conditions of work), as well as his information of identity (name, first name , etc.).

id-photo-for-administration-papers-are-always-a-real-headacheBTP Card

ID photo for administration papers are always a real headache

Indeed, acceptation terms of ID photos are moreover complex. But it’s not a problem anymore for your BTP Card !

A smartphone application has been created to help you to realize a photo that will very probably be accepted by civil services.